6 Reasons To Choose A Platform Lift Over A Ramp For Accessibility At Your Public Library

Accessibility for all groups of people isn't just a goal when you're running a publicly funded library, but an outright requirement. If you're facing the prospect of changing your current access layout to better meet the needs of your community members, stick with a reliable platform lift. Also known as a wheelchair lift, this type of equipment offers seven distinct benefits to the public library. Meeting Requirements Of course, the biggest reason to order a full-sized powered lift is to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements set for your public building. Read More 

How To Keep The Tires On Your All Terrain Walker In Great Shape

If you are a senior citizen who likes to stay active, then you may like to hike outside. If you are not stable on your feet, then it is best to use a walker during your outdoor adventures. An all terrain walker is your best option, and you should look for a product that has eight inch inflatable wheels. These wheels will roll over uneven soil and they will move over gravel, grass, and other types of ground. Read More