How To Keep The Tires On Your All Terrain Walker In Great Shape

If you are a senior citizen who likes to stay active, then you may like to hike outside. If you are not stable on your feet, then it is best to use a walker during your outdoor adventures. An all terrain walker is your best option, and you should look for a product that has eight inch inflatable wheels. These wheels will roll over uneven soil and they will move over gravel, grass, and other types of ground. You must take care of the wheels though, so you can continue to use your walker with ease. Read through the information below to learn how to do this.

Keep Your Wheels Inflated

Your all terrain walker wheels are constructed much like bicycle tires. The wheels contain an outside shell made out of rubber and treads are built into the rubber so the wheels do not slip or slide across the ground. In the middle of the tire sits an inner tube that is also made from rubber. The inner tube is filled with air so that the tire can retain pressure for long periods of time. Air pressure will reduce though when you use your walker, and this means that you need to inflate the inner tubes on occasion the same way you would on your bicycle.

Refill Tires

When all terrain walker wheels are fully inflated, you will be unable to compress them with your hands. If you can squeeze the tires easily, then they need to be filled with air. Use a manual bicycle pump, because the wheels do not contain nearly as much air as bicycle or vehicle wheels. Remove the cover from the valve stem that sits inside the wheel. Look for the optimal pressure range printed on the side wall of the tire. If this information is available, then use a vehicle or a bicycle air pressure gauge to check pressure. Just place the device over the valve stem and read the PSI (pressure per square inch) reading.

Attach the nozzle or end on your hand pump to the valve stem at this time and pump air into the tire. It will likely only take two or three pumps until you feel pressure coming from the pump handle. Use your pressure gauge to make sure that there is enough air in the tire. Repeat this process to fill the rest of the wheels.

Clean Your Wheels Often

Remove Stones

Rocks, dirt, and debris can build inside the treads of your all terrain walker wheels, and this will keep your device from moving properly when you use it. Stones and other hard objects that are stuck in the wheels can also rupture your tires. This means that you need to clean your wheels thoroughly after a hike outdoors. Start the cleaning process by setting your walker on its side so you can see all the wheels. Rotate each wheel with your hands and look for stones stuck in the treads. If you see any rocks in the treads, then use a wire brush to remove them.

Use either a wire spoke or plumbing brush to clean the treads of your tires. Both of these tools have small ends that you can run through the spaces of your tires. Work the wire brush up and down against the treads of your tires. If larger rocks do not immediately dislodge, then use a pair of tweezers to release the debris.  

Scrub the Tires

Once you have removed foreign objects from the tires, scrub the mud and dirt away. You can remove the majority of the debris by spraying a hose against the tires. Use a solid spray when using your hose to make sure that debris is rinsed away. To get rid of stuck on debris, place a small amount of dish soap on a wet rag and scrub the tires. You can use the same soap to wash the tire spokes. Rinse the soap away with your hose when you are done.  

Once the wheels are clean, make sure to protect the spokes of the wheels if they are made out of aluminum materials. The best way to do this is to add a layer of automotive wax. The wax will coat the metal and make it difficult for water to reach the wheels. This will keep rust from forming. Use a clean cloth to spread the wax on all the metal parts of the wheels and allow the paste to sit. After about 30 minutes, buff the wax off the tires.

If you are a senior who loves the outdoors, then you may want to go to websites and consider the use of a mobility device while you hike or walk. An all terrain walker is a good choice, and you need to make sure that the wheels of the walker stay in great shape.