Advice For Those Using A CPAP Machine For The First Time

CPAP machines are devices for those with sleep apnea because they're designed to open up the airways when you sleep. If you plan on using one of these devices for the first time, here are some useful suggestions to ensure you have optimal experiences.

Make Sure Machine is Clean if Used

There are a lot of people that buy used CPAP machines as opposed to new ones because they are more affordable. If you plan on using a used CPAP machine too, then you need to make sure it's truly clean before using it for the first time. This way, you don't expose yourself to harmful germs and bacteria.

You just need to perform a quick inspection on the CPAP machine's major parts, including the mask, hose, filter, headgear, and motor. If you're unsure about cleanliness, you can just get some disinfectant wipes and scrub surfaces thoroughly for each of these major parts.

Practice Putting Components Together

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of important parts of your CPAP machine. It's a good idea to practice putting them together before actually using this machine because then you'll improve your overall knowledge of the machine.

Focus on putting the motor together first; the pieces should slide right into place. Then you can practice putting the headgear on the mask and the mask on the hose. Finally, you can practice attaching the hose to the back of the motor. These actions will enhance your familiarity with whatever CPAP machine you invested in, ensuring you use it correctly each time.

Verify Mask Fits Perfectly 

One of the most important parts of a CPAP machine is the mask as this is how you'll receive air through your mouth and into your airways. You need to make sure this mask fits your face perfectly because you want to remain comfortable while wearing it throughout the night.

Try on the mask when you first get a CPAP machine and make sure it conforms to your face and its features perfectly. If it doesn't, see what adjustments you can make before replacing the mask with something different.

If you need to open up your airways when sleeping because you have sleep apnea, you'll need to invest in a CPAP machine. As long as you get something high-quality and familiarize yourself with its parts, using this machine as a beginner isn't going to be difficult at all.