There To Lift You Up: The Benefits Of Lift Chairs For Seniors

For many seniors, moving is not always as easy as it once was. Lift chairs can serve as an excellent way to minimize the risk of injury and provide lasting comfort to those who need it most. Read on for three ways in which lift chairs can benefit seniors who experience difficulty in movement. 

Reduce Risk of Falls

Seniors who have difficulties with movement can run the risk of falling, especially when trying to get up or sit down. While taking precautions such as moving slowly and wearing gripped shoes can help, they may still find themselves having trouble maneuvering their bodies in a safe manner. A lift chair will rise to allow settling into a chair far easier for those who are unable to do so otherwise. When someone who is seated wishes to rise, the lift will once again rise slowly, which allows them to enter a standing position. This can be especially helpful for seniors who do not wish to exert themselves too much or have had falls in the past. 

Pain Relief

With aging can come a myriad of aches and pains, both chronic and acute. Seniors who deal with arthritis, for instance, may feel stiffness in their joints and experience pain even after being active for just a short time. Finding a position to sit or recline in can easily become a challenge for those who deal with this pain. Typical chairs or recliners, while comfortable for most, can still feel excruciating for someone who deals with pain. Lift chairs provide seniors a way to find a position that works for them in both a sitting and reclining position. If an area of their body starts to feel stiff, the lift can easily be adjusted to accommodate a new position. 

Year-Round Comfort

For seniors who live in colder climates, the winter months can feel especially brutal when it comes to keeping warm. Many lift chairs offer a heating function that will allow those seated to relax in warmth that soothes their bodies. Those dealing with chronic pain will find great comfort in being able to stay warm while also enjoying the plush surroundings of their lift chair. Additionally, the inclusion of massage functions will help knead through any tense muscles and allow a continuous flow of movement for the body, even when in a reclining position. For someone who is constantly dealing with achy joints or is recovering from a surgery, this level of comfort will prove invaluable.