3 Reasons To Purchase A Digital X-Ray Machine For Your Chiropractic Office

If you are a chiropractor and your office is still equipped with a traditional X-ray machine instead of a digital one, then you may not understand all of the benefits that digital X-ray machines offer today's medical practitioners. Before you invest more money in traditional X-ray machine repairs or purchase more film, read on to learn about three benefits digital X-ray systems offer chiropractors. 

1. Expose Patients and Staff to Less Radiation & Contrast Dyes

Today's digital X-ray systems expose patients to about 90 percent less radiation than traditional X-ray machines do during each X-ray taken.

As you likely know, the ionizing radiation that traditional X-ray machines produce can damage patient DNA and slightly increase their risk of the development of cancer. In addition, patients can experience unexpected bad reactions to the contrast dyes that are occasionally administered to them before X-rays are taken to help improve the clarity of the images produced. These side effects can range from mild allergic reactions to the development of more severe medical problems. 

Educated patients today often seek out physicians who rely on digital X-rays alone to help reduce the risks of excess radiation exposure.

For this reason, you may notice that your existing patients are more satisfied with their treatment at your office when you switch to digital X-rays and that you attract more new patients who desire digital X-rays during their chiropractic evaluations. 

2. Obtain Easy-to-Manipulate Images

When you take a traditional X-ray, you must be extra careful to obtain a clear image of the potential skeletal problem due to the lack of traditional X-ray image manipulation technology. When viewing a traditional X-ray, you also lack the ability to zoom in on specific areas of the images to enlarge them, which is a task that could aid in the detection of bone hairline fractures and other injuries that are often difficult to detect.

On the other hand, digital X-ray images can be easily manipulated after they are taken to enhance your view of every element of a patient's bone structure. You can increase the contrast of images, zoom in and enlarge image portions, adjust image brightness, and perform many more image manipulation tasks when viewing digital X-ray images. 

3. Eliminate The Cost & Storage Needs of Traditional X-Ray Film

Traditional X-ray machines require the use of expensive films. Not only can the cost of this X-ray film greatly add up at the end of each month, but the storage of these films in your office can take up space that you could use for many other important purposes. 

A digital X-ray machine requires no film and produces digital images that take up just a little space in a computer hard drive to virtually eliminate your X-ray image on-site storage needs. 

Every chiropractor should equip their office with a digital X-ray machine to obtain these three benefits that simply cannot be obtained with a traditional X-ray imaging system. 

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