A Chair Lift For Your Stairs Could Help You And Your Spouse Age In Place

Falls are common among the elderly, and a fall down the stairs could be life-threatening. If you're planning to age in place, and your home has stairs, you may want to look into having a chair lift installed.

If you or your spouse has arthritis, COPD, loss of vision, poor balance, or other condition that makes going up and down stairs hazardous, a stairlift will increase your safety and allow you to use both floors of your home. Here are some things to know about chair lifts for stairs.

Chair Lifts Are Safe

The lifts don't move very fast, so you don't have to fear riding up or down the stairs in a chair lift. The lifts also come with seat belts and armrests, so you're held in the seat and you can rest your arms for balance. The seat has a platform for your feet so they don't have to touch the stairs.

A chair lift can even detect something in the way, such as a pet or shoes, and it will stop rather than run into anything. Chair lifts are usually battery-powered, so you won't get stranded on the stairs if the power goes out. You keep the lift plugged in when not in use so the battery can recharge.

Bariatric Lifts Are Available

It's important to choose a lift that can handle your size and weight. You can buy a chair lift no matter what your size since bariatric models are available. These have wider seats and they're powerful enough to move you if you weigh several hundred pounds. A representative from a chair lift company can help you select the right size for your purposes, especially if both you and your spouse will be using the lift.

Chair Lifts For Stairs Are Easy To Use

You don't have to be concerned about not knowing how to use a chair lift because it's very simple to do. Controls are easily accessible, such as being on the arm of the chair. Some even come with a remote, so you can operate the lift for your spouse if you need to.

Your chair lift may even have a call feature so your spouse can ride down, and then you can call the lift back to the top of the stairs when you need it. The call feature is helpful when more than one person uses the lift.

Chair lifts for stairs come in different models and are installed in different ways, but they usually don't take up much room and they aren't unattractive. You can have a lift installed outdoors or indoors. Having a chair lift in your home could mean you can age in place for as long as possible since your stairs will no longer be a safety hazard. Contact a company for more information about chair lifts for stairs